Furniture as a value.

A simple dovetail joint allows to realize solid wood furnishings that are convertible in other furnishings. A collection whose value is its durabilly over time, respecting the natural balance and representing real quality for people.
When working wood, if it is pure wood, the odour of its powder is not irritating. On the contrary, wood can have a good smell, even better than tobacco or spices. Only carpenters know how good the scent of walnut, cherry, cedar or lime wood can be.
They can identify wood mostly relying on the odor than on the colour. The furniture collection features a dovetail joint that has been reinterpreted according to advanced high-precision technologies; the joint allows to realize solid furnishings without any metal fixing.
is the key word of the project of these objects whose dimension and thickness are designed in order to transform them into other objects.

We do not want the tree trunk being reduced in wooden pieces and recomposed in panels mixed with glues and resins through industrial processes.

We do not want to breathe the powder produced during these processess because it is unhealthy and toxic both for the people working the wood and for the people who will have it in their own house.

We want our hand-manufactured furnishings being realized with thick wooden boards whose dimension only depends on nature.
And 100 or 200 years later the owner might decide to transform a table into chairs, two benches, a bookcase or a smaller table.

We will not knock down one
more tree.